The Art Of Self-Love, Part 1

Aevi Marie Hansen Yoga

Here at aevi, we are purveyors of self-love above all else. Simple in theory, maintaining a self-loving way of living can be difficult for some, especially when we are bombarded each day with media, products and people who both consciously and subconsciously make us feel like we are not enough. Whilst many of us who feel our lives are lacking in some way turn to external solutions to fix our modern woes, real transformation only ever occurs from the inside out.

As with everything in life, to us, self-love is always the answer. A lack there of really does manifest in all areas of our lives; from self image, decision-making, self-esteem, career choice and relationships – the absence of this incredibly important emotional 'vitamin' can make for a complicated existence.

Over the next few weeks we will be exploring the three pillars of the self-love equation, to help you to begin making conscious shifts in how you nourish and nurture your body, mind and soul. First up – nourish + move.

An extremely important part of the self-love equation: if you’re not nourishing yourself properly or moving your body, it’s almost impossible to feel at your very best both physically and psychologically. Whilst it’s more than alright to enjoy not-so-healthy foods in moderation if they bring you joy and go through dry spells in the movement department, when it comes to self-love, feeling good and naturally beautiful by making sure you're taking care of yourself to the best of your abilities is a significant element. Here are a few of our favourite ways to nourish and move in a self-loving way:



The most important meal of the day – be sure to incorporate a generous dose of healthy fats, complex carbs and protein into your morning meal to get your day off to a nutrient heavy start. Our favourites? The Life Changing Loaf with cashew butter and fresh berries or avocado, Qnola x Aevi wellness blend with coconut yoghurt and manuka honey or a smoothie bursting with superfoods, avocado and berries.


When work is busy, it can be tempting to eat your lunch at your desk or skip it all together, but from a self-loving point of view, this is not a positive routine to get into. Honour yourself with a nourishing lunch away from you desk and make it home made if possible. You really will notice such a difference in your digestion, satiety and even productivity for the rest of the day. Our favourite home made options? This Jewelled Quinoa Salad by Deliciously Ella or this Green Pizza with a Cauliflower Crust by Green Kitchen Stories. 


If your body is craving a snack, respect that message. Snacking is a wonderful way to infuse an extra dose of nutrients into your day, regulate blood sugar levels and keep cravings at bay, however the key to snack time success is to choose smart. Our favourites? Avocado on our Homemade Seed Crackers, a square of Zenbunni biodynamic chocolate and a handful of berries or our Cacao and Coconut Oat Bites.


According to Ayurveda, dinnertime should be light, easy to digest and eaten as early as possible. Making sure to have a healthy, hearty and nourishing breakfast, lunch and snack before dinner time rolls around will ensure you feel satisfied and ready for relaxation come meals-end. Recently we’ve been loving this Replenishing Miso Bowl by Nicky Clinch or this satisfying Roots and Greens bowl by In The Making By Belen.


We’re firm believers in listening to your body when it comes to the types of fitness you partake in. Pertaining to our beliefs in self-love above all else, we want to make it clear that forcing yourself to do anything your body detests is not worth your time and energy, only serving to reinforce a lack of self-love. Move in the way your body wants to: dance, walk, stretch and run, practise yoga, pilates, barre, the options really are endless. Above all, move with love and joy, not pain and punishment.