Aevi Holistic Skin


At the heart of our values, we will only ever stock beauty and wellbeing brands that offer complete transparency in their ingredients and formulation processes. We believe that this information should be easily available, encouraging mindful purchasing decisions and providing the confidence that the products you invest in are 100% natural / vegan / organic / biodynamic depending on your personal preferences.


When it comes to the ingredients in our skincare, we believe that less is more. Detoxing our beauty and kitchen cabinets to include a simple yet effective assortment of products that only contain ingredients derived from nature prevents skin from becoming stressed, damaged or overloaded; promoting a vibrant, healthy, glowing complexion and a reduction in exposure to synthetic chemicals present in mainstream skincare.


We endeavour to share the unique and interesting stories behind each of our beauty and wellbeing brands through exclusive interviews, guest content and events in collaboration with the eclectic assortment of creators and founders whose lovingly made products are housed in the aevi online store. This content can be found on the pages of the aevi journal.