ZenBunni: Spice Traders Box w. Fire Agate

ZenBunni: Spice Traders Box w. Fire Agate

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An assortment of 9 superfood chocolates inspired by cultural spices with a fire agate crystal. They gather from all four corners, to the center of the earth. Only the unrivaled from each land make the journey. Seeds and secrets held close for centuries, a miraculous matrimony with Mother Nature. With sacks and stories they arrive, eager to to taste and trade. Under the Harvest Moon the Spice Traders share in this ancient gathering of the senses.

What Is Inside

3 Kathmandu Chai, 3 Maui Sunrise and 3 Abuela Azteca.

Free of Dairy, Gluten, Soy, and Refined Sugar. Stone Ground Microcosmic Chocolate. There are no nuts in this box.