ZenBunni: Queen Moon Reishi Gheenache

ZenBunni: Queen Moon Reishi Gheenache

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This alchemical blend of biodynamic and organic stone-ground chocolate and full moon-made ghee have come together to create our magical "Gheenache”.

A delicious and nutrient-dense superfood capable of scavenging free-radicals, while filling your body with polyphenol and flavonol antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and complex bio-active compounds that deeply penetrate into the lipid layers of your cells through this sacred butter oil. The ghee alone is packed with short-, medium-, and long-chain fatty acids (omegas 3 & 9), vitamins A, D, E and K. ZenBunni’s Gheenache helps nourish your digestive system, lubricate your joints, increase vasodilation, and elevate your brain and mood with bliss compounds anandamide, PEA, and serotonin.

The trinity comes in with the Queen of all Chinese herbs, Reishi mushroom. It's the most clinically studied herb in medicine and has been shown to be an amazing neuroprotective, anti-viral, immune modulating adaptogen, ready to relieve stress and create wellness.


Organic Cacao, Jaggery (Cane), Ghee, Stardust (Phycocyanin Infused Salt) and Reishi Mushroom.

Free of Gluten, Soy, and Refined Sugar. Contains Ghee. Stone Ground Microcosmic Chocolate.