ZenBunni: Organic 'Holy Smoke' Incense

ZenBunni: Organic 'Holy Smoke' Incense

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An ode to the five thousand year old tradition of burning incense, ZenBunni are utilising the organic mekas and healing spices of a family run farm they stumbled across amidst their travels. Their magical wands that billow a ‘Holy Smoke’ are created from an ancient recipe with authentic, organic ingredients from Indonesia.

How To Use

Before meditation, inward reflection, or simply whilst relaxing in your sacred space, light one of the wands, gently blowing out the fire to inflame. Let burn to the very end or dip the end into a little water to put out, before igniting again when the feeling to do so arises.

What Is Inside

All organic and truly natural, these wands are made without any synthetic binders, toxins or other harmful by-products. There are 13 wands in a box.