ZenBunni: Abuela Azteca

ZenBunni: Abuela Azteca

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Seasonal flavour - not to be made for a while!

An ode to the deep wisdom passed down by our beloved grandmothers. Bringing a pinch of smoke and spice. Its planetary sign is Mars and its element is Fire.

Please note these MicroCosmic Bars are small, roughly the size of a domino – 9gr each.


Biodynamic & Organic Mixed Peppers, Smoked Salt, Maple Crystals, 70% Cacao, Cane Jaggery.

Free of Dairy, Gluten, Soy, and Refined Sugar. Stone Ground Microcosmic Chocolate.

Healing Properties

Rich in Capsaicin. Stimulates Circulation. Boosts Metabolism. Increases Immunity.