Moksha: Wish / Blessing Bracelets (Two)

Moksha: Wish / Blessing Bracelets (Two)

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Inspired by Kalava and designed to signify unity and offer blessings between two people. Deeply rooted in tradition, the red silk string is a symbol to transfer good wishes from giver to wearer, used in the most sacred ceremonies to secure the strongest of bonds. With 18K gold detail it makes a beautiful gift to be worn by dear friends, brother and sister, mother and child, husband and wife. We hope that in the spirit of giving this season you will use these as an extension of the practice of self-love and go beyond to love others.

How To Use

Who is the first person that comes to mind? Take a moment with that person to share a thought, set an intention, say a prayer, or just simply give thanks. As you put these on each other keeps your hearts open to one another and thereafter envision this red string keeping you close at heart no matter the distance.


100% red silk string and 18K gold details. You will receive two bracelets with this purchase.