Living Libations: Rose Glow Complexion Mist

Living Libations: Rose Glow Complexion Mist

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This hydrosol of hundreds of resilient rose petals dance in a fountain of dew that awakens and renews skin and spirit. A wildcrafted and pure rose hydrosol infused with lavender, imortelle, sandlewood and carrot seed - this elegant blend prepares and nourishes your pores with a sweet essence and supple hydration.

How To Use

On bare, clean skin spray the tonic all over the face and allow to seep in. Take a moment to breathe in the botanical scent and allow the active ingredient to tone your skin, balance its hydration and uplift your emotions.


All Pure, Organic and Wild Ingredients: Rose Hydrosol infused with Rose Otto, Immortelle, Lavender,Sandalwood and Carrot Seed).