Autumn Pouch 2017

Autumn Pouch 2017

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As the Autumn leaves begin to fall, in comes a time to turn inward, find stillness and seek routines that nourish our bodies with warmth and comfort. Our Autumn collection arrives in a beautiful linen pouch and is a thoughtful curation of five products to inspire ritual and radiance in this transitioning season. (Also available in our signature box upon request.)

Please Note: For delivery 1st/2nd week of October.

What is Inside

The Inner Compass Cards by Neel van Lierop for self-reflection, Living Libations Shampoo + Conditioner (Seabuckthorn Shine On or True Blue Spirulina, your choice), the Breast Massage Oil by Living Libations in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ZenBunni's biodynamic Kathmandu Chai Microcosmic Bar to warm the belly and breath.