Aevi x Whys LA: Moon Journal

Aevi x Whys LA: Moon Journal

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Your Mind and the Moon: As the moon journeys through its many phases and weaves in closeness between the twelve zodiac signs, we obediently flow under its pull. Its effect on us is a subtle influence; beneath the surface, in our emotional life, thoughts, feelings and creativity. In partnership with artist Michelle Favin of Whys LA we have created a journal to guide your thoughts into writing alongside the moon’s position and power.

How To Use

As the night brings about a safe and still place, we once again may become attuned to the calm, conversing voice within ourselves. In this journal we invite you to free your mind, breathe in the present, listen deeply and allow yourself to return and connect to a rooted source of self, in love and complete acceptance.

Our Cause

In the spirit of believing that creativity is transformational, a small percentage of this will go to Inner-City Arts which is a non-profit dedicated to nurturing a safe space where the children of Los Angeles are invited to explore themselves and their artistic abilities to shape a society of creative, confident and collaborative young individuals.