1509: Sophia's Fragrance Oil

1509: Sophia's Fragrance Oil

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With a base of clean, warm amber, the top note is revealed by an elegantly preserved plant stem in the little glass bottle: baby’s breath. The natural touch of these healing oils, using no alcohol or synthetic materials, will dance on your skin in a simple and delicate, yet captivating and unique manner.

How to Use

Dab a small amount of the scent on your wrist, inner-elbows, sides of your neck or anywhere else you feel most connected. Take a few moments to breathe the beautiful notes and ground yourself in harmony and elegance, letting your intention clothe you with a gentle radiance. Carry this timeless glow with you wherever you go and even feel your skin hydrated and healed in the places where the dear oil settled.


Entirely pure and natural but the ingredients are a secret, please contact us if you are worried about any allergies.