The Feelings of A Solar Eclipse


On the Monday after next, August 21st, we will experience one of our lives rarest Stellar phenomenons. It's the first Solar Eclipse visible in the United States for 99 years and will cross starting at the West coast in Oregon leaving the East coast at South Carolina. If you find yourself to be at the centre of the moon's shadow, seeing the eclipse in 'totality,' you will be met by (weather-permitting) epic sunset colours followed by darkness lasting about three minutes. But whether you see it or not, all around the world we will feel it in one way or another. 

This powerful natural occurrence (or coincidence, depending on what you choose to believe) will bring with it a change of frequency and vibrations on the Earth. By tuning in we will likely find a sensitivity to deeper emotions within ourselves and those around us, these happenings carrying an opportunity for healing.

It's normal to be a little unsettled at the thought of our largest source of light, warmth and giving energy being covered up, animals too will act with a frenzy of instincts, but remember "the light is always there even in the darkest of times." (As shared by founder of ZenBunni.)

in preparation:

In the days leading up to the eclipse, affirm that you are rooted in light and love.

At the eclipse:

Pause, consider and experience the eclipse without judgement and without digital media. With the beauty and mystery of the world upon you, be present. Darkness will be your depths, let those feeling rise and with the return of the light, release and set your intentions in the moment. 

To see how the eclipse will look wherever you are, click here. 

Artwork by Penabranca.