Connect: Danielle Copperman

Splitting her time between London, Sweden and the USA - nutritionist, model and entrepreneur Danielle Copperman is the creative mind behind our favourite breakfast cereal - Qnola. In addition to her career in front of the camera, Danielle dedicates her time to creating simple, healthy recipes using natural wholesome ingredients. In light of our recent product collaboration, the Qnola x Aevi Wellness Blend, we sat down with Danielle to discuss her initial inspirations, morning rituals and all that's in between.

What was the catalyst that initially inspired your interest in wellbeing?

Leaving the countryside, where I lived in a calm and peaceful environment surrounded by space and fresh air and moving to London, where I had to look after myself more than ever, were definitely the catalysts for making me more aware of my lifestyle choices and the conscious effort that is required when living a busy lifestyle in a stressful city.

What is your current morning routine to ensure you wake up well? 

My morning routine is usually made up of the same kind of structure, but differs each day depending on my commitments and my whereabouts. If and when I can, I wake up and start the day by oil pulling whilst the kettle boils and then preparing an infusion of fresh citrus fruits, herbs and spices, or a combination of my favourite adaptogens - specific to how I am feeling each morning or what I have on each day. Then I spend time stretching and tapping, or meditating. If i have time, I do a 30-60 minute yoga practice at home, or I might head to a class either at my local gym (which is boxing, circuits or HIIT at Blok) or my local yoga place - yoga home - which is my second home. After yoga or a class, I get a smoothie or make breakfast and go about the rest of my day. My beauty routine is pretty low maintenance and I just use a natural face spritz like rose water, natural moisturisers, a light base of mineral powder and some mascara, and some essential oils as a natural fragrance. I then go about emails and work commitments for my current projects.

Qnola Danielle Copperman

As a full time model and entrepreneur, you have a lot on your plate. What are your tips for finding the right balance between work and wellbeing?  

It is incredibly hard to find the balance, but I think what has worked best for me is tuning in and consciously trying to stay focused and aware of what I want, what I need to spend my energy on and what I don't. It helps to decipher what is most important to me in the 'now' and what I should focus my energy on most at a given time. I am renowned for doing too many things all at once and if I have an idea, I want to materialise it immediately for fear I will forget about it, but i've learned that taking things slowly, planning efficiently and focussing more on one thing at a time, makes for a more productive outcome in the long run. Everything else will follow and unfold as it intends to. One major help for me is keeping in mind the mantra 'trust in the universe'.

Who or what inspires you…


The women around me, particularly those doing their own thing, like founding a business that their powerful passion and purpose is driven by.


Everyone in my close circle inspires me daily and their continual support and power to uplift inspires me to do what I love and to live the process, believing in the journey and the power of the universe and overcoming any struggles. Just having a close circle of like minded people is enough to inspire you to keep going when you feel lost. Also the many varied people I have met on my travels around the world.


My personal teachers, in yoga, exercise classes, shiatsu school and study.

What are your favourite books?

There are so many books I cherish, and only in the past year or so have I been able to make time to read properly. With such a busy schedule in the early days of my business, I didn't respect the power of books to reduce stress and get out of my head and into another story, another world.

Beyond that, i've discovered so many books that have inspired and driven many aspects of my journey and have enhanced my experiences. Recently, I have been reading more books based around start up business life, sustainability, health, nutrition, wellbeing and alternative medicine, amongst other topics. Recent favourites include: Wellth by Jason Wachob, Do Purpose by David Hieatt and Dear Female Founder, by Lu Li.

We know you have an interest in natural skincare, what inspired this? Fill us in on some of your favourite brands / natural and organic beauty finds...

Becoming interested in and inspired by natural skincare to create my own sustainable and healthy regimes was a natural progression as I changed my diet and ideas around food and feeling well. I quickly began to realise it was more than just food that can make us ill. I use natural ingredients, mainly plants in the form of oils, essential oils or other herbal remedies to soothe skin conditions, strengthen hair, cleanse skin, remove make up and heal cuts and scars and other injuries. I have so many favourite brands and products but at the moment I am loving Rahua hair conditioner, Kahina face sprits, Glossier serums, ylang ylang essential oil, almond and jojoba oil for my face, shea butter for my body, amongst other things.

As a health food entrepreneur, we'd love to know what you currently have on rotation in your kitchen...

I'm obsessed with he shou wu tea which is just he shou wu and hot water, super easy! I also rotated other medicinal tonic herbs with hot water or iced nut milk, and have recently began adding tocos from sun potion into the mix. I'm also launching a new range of Qnola, which is still going through some tests and final tweaks so i'm constantly eating that - both for work and pleasure!

What are you top 3 favourite restaurants / cafes / pop up foodie spots in London right now?

I love that Pokē has finally hit London and both Ahi Poke and Eat Poke are amazing. I also love the offerings at the Good Life Eatery which has been a favourite of mine since I started on my more conscious journey. I love Jidori in Dalston which serves a kind of fusion of Japanese foods, its just got a really lovely vibe and everything I've tried is amazing. And FED in Dalston is also great, offering vegan pizzas and pastas and other Italian inspired goods.


Images by Danielle herself and The Acey.