The Art Of Self-Love, Part 3

Aevi Self Love Journal

Last in our series of manifesting self-love in all areas of your life, here we reveal our fail-safe ways to bring a little more love and light into your work and career. From appointing a mentor to networking mindfully, read on for how you too can infuse your work life with more self-compassion, joy and kindness to both yourself and others.

When it comes to your overall health and wellbeing, ensuring you are working in a job that brings you joy is incredibly important. Whilst it’s not always possible to secure the job of your dreams in an instant, there are many ways that you can actively bring yourself that step closer to reaching your goals. Here are a few of our favourites:


First of all, just a quick note – give yourself a timeline and invest in the goals that you intend to reach.


 The best piece of career advice anyone could ever give, becoming acquainted with people working in your field or area of interest is crucial in providing added support, knowledge and invaluable connections on both a professional and personal level. Whilst outdated advice advises keeping professional and personal connections separate, we have found that establishing more meaningful relationships with your colleagues and teams leads to more creative, more meaningful work, imperative especially in the wellbeing space.


 If you’re passionate about what it is you want to do, you may already have a mentor or somebody you look up to within your chosen industry. If not, start researching and building up a list of individuals who have successfully achieved what you dream of achieving. Become curious as to how they did it and what obstacles they faced in getting to where they are today. If you’re unable to connect with them personally, if they’re a leader in their field there’ll be lots of information out there on them for you to be inspired by.


The most important thing about ensuring your work comes from a place of self-love is through mastering the art of work life balance. It is easy to become overwhelmed and succumb to thoughts that may be rooted in a long-held pain point of ‘not enough’, but whilst it’s important to ensure you're meeting deadlines and performing at work, the key is to work smarter, not longer. On those days where it really does feel like there is no end in sight, it is extra important to schedule in even just a few minutes of downtime to do something you find relaxing and restorative. Our go-to for these days is ten minutes of gentle restorative yoga flow or legs up the wall, as especially calming one for the nervous system. Take a look at more of our tips to beat stress here. 

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