Aevi Weekend Reads

With Easter weekend already underway, we thought we’d fill you in on the reading material we’ll be enjoying during our days of rest. Whilst we always have a book (or two) on the go (stay tuned for an article on our favourites, coming to the aevi journal soon), here we reveal the journals and magazines we’ll be getting lost within this weekend…


Divulging the best in home, interiors, work, style and culture, Kinfolk connects a global, design led community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo. The leading lifestyle authority in the magazine sector, Kinfolk is sold in over 100 countries in four languages. With a plethora of best selling books, international events and a gallery space in the heart of Copenhagen on its resume, Kinfolk is one of our most cherished brands and business inspirations.

One of our favourite issues to date, Kinfolk’s issue 23, Spring 2017 examines the nuances of free time, its rituals, rhythms and its capacity to reinvigorate – perfectly timed to have on hand for this bank holiday weekend. Rather than providing advice on ways to fill our weekends, the issue offers insight into why we should, with a focus on the positive benefits and personal fulfilment doing so elicits.  


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that everyone at aevi HQ is plant obsessed, so when we discovered THE PLANT a few years back, a magazine designed to provide a creative view on greenery, we couldn’t be more overjoyed. A curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery, THE PLANT presents a monographic on a specific plant each edition, bringing together photographers, illustrators, designers, musicians, writers and visual artists the world over, to share their perceptions and experiences around plants.

The tenth issue is dedicated to the botanical species Colocasia, featuring photoessays, illustrations and writings surrounding this wonderful plant. Highlights include an interview with artistic duo Cooking Sections and their recipes for the Climavore Dinner shot by Matthieu Lavanchy; A visit to Dan Pearson’s home in Somerset featuring Juergen Teller's documentation of his garden; There are roses by Nick Knight, an essay on flowers in Fassbinder’s films and tree barks by Shota Nakamura, all topped off by botanical wisdom on the humble coconut and the gift of bulbs as revealed by Matthew Wright. The best part? The inclusion of a free print by the hugely talented photographer Viviane Sassen.


Recognised amongst the design-set as one of today’s most influential and authentic interiors magazines, Apartamento is our go-to for home based inspiration. An immaculately curated bible for individuals passionate about the way they live and the surroundings that accompany them through life, Apartamento inspires, provokes and educes creative expression through space and our relationship with our environments.

A few of the highlights and creatives featured in issue 18 include a trip to Andrea Zittel’s A-Z West homestead in the desert of Joshua Tree - an artist who has dedicated her life and work to figuring out ways to improve the way we live both ambitiously and modestly, using her unique living spaces as showrooms for her furniture and interior designs; Fashion designer Margaret Howell invites the publication into her second home on the Suffolk coast, describing her affinity to memory and nature in inspiring her life and style; a glimpse into the home of ‘breakfast’ based restaurateur Jessica Koslow whose terraced garden is awash with a colourful array of squashes, melons, olives, rosemary, lemon verbena and an old fig tree, enhancing her view of downtown LA above the shrubbery, offering an aesthetic that we can’t help but attempting to emulate at any given chance.

Majestic Disorder

Majestic disorder is an independent arts and culture magazine targeted at the contemporary nomadic creative community. Featuring eclectic editorial and multimedia content that is globally driven, Majestic Disorder produces thought provoking journalism focusing on cultural topics, art, film, travel, identity, sustainable fashion, public affairs and feature stories with creative artisans across all mediums.

Issue eight seeks to uncover the creative endeavours that inspire sartorial display. Delving into the cultural depths of Cuba, finding Aboriginal artisans who listen to heavy metal, there is an endless supply of wisdom, stories and exploration to uncover. Our favourite part? The exclusive feature profile of one of our most loved musicians Flo Morrissey, whose ethereal style and sound has entranced and captivated the hearts and minds of fashion and music creators and consumers the world over. 

Nourished Journal

A contemporary wellness and lifestyle periodical with a holistic view, Nourished Journal provides unique insight into food and nutrition, health and wellbeing and travel and beauty. The aim of the journal goes deeper than simply providing a source of inspiring content, but rather positions itself as a platform for readers and contributors alike to share, contribute and connect.

The fourth edition of Nourished Journal includes an inspiring manifestation practice from Lacy Philips of Free + Native, Sweet Laurel shares a recipe for a warming turmeric bread (a recipe we’ll be bringing into our kitchen this bank holiday weekend), our much loved Zen & Bunni from our favourite biodynamic chocolate brand Zenbunni share their insight, a beginners guide to Ayurveda is provided, as well as tips to better help you understand your dreams and become more grounded, whilst travel advice from The Broad Place and a visit to the iconic Californian retreat Esalen has ignited our sense of unending wanderlust once more. We love…

Stay tuned for more of our literary loves, coming soon to the aevi journal.