The Aevi Edit: Natural Grooming For Men

SA.AL & CO Men's Grooming

We get it guys – when it comes to your skincare, simplicity is key. You don’t want to bother with fancy or complicated regimes or spending hour’s online researching ingredients, which is why we’ve done it for you. Ever expanding, our curated selection of products for men take the guesswork out of selecting natural grooming products, catering to the style savvy, environmentally mindful and health aware individual alike. Masculine, subtle and elegant, the following assemblage of products for men makes the perfect addition to the conscious man’s grooming collection.

Gaffer & Child Hair Pomade

Made with sustainably sourced ingredients in small batches, Gaffer & Child Hair Pomade is rich in vitamins and minerals to deeply nourish and protect the hair from environmental elements such as wind, snow and sun. Suitable for all hair types, this vegan pomade has been created to sculpt, define and help repair damaged or colour treated hair.  

Daneson: Scotch Flavoured Birch Toothpicks

Crafted with American milled northern birch wood, Daveson have turned humble toothpicks into a thing of beauty and environmental consideration, planting 100 trees for each one they cut down. Infused with unique, authentic flavours, natural botanicals and extracts, today we are excited to share with you the Single Malt (no.16) variety. Originating from a 200-year-old distillery, the Islay scotch utilised is aged in oak barrels for a minimum of three years, lending a boozy, malty flavour to the dozen toothpicks enclosed within.

SA.AL & CO 031 Light Moisturiser & After Shave Balm

Creating a lasting, optimal post-shave experience, SA.AL & Co 031 combines the qualities of a premium yet light moisturiser with those of an after-shave balm. Designed to replenish hydration and soothe the skin to promote a supple and firm appearance, this 100% natural and vegan after-shave balm is briskly absorbed by post-shave skin, the experience heightened by the subtle and elegant scent that is the trademark of all SA.AL & CO products.

Earth Tu Face Sea Salt + Organic Oils Scrub

A therapeutic body scrub inspired by Ayurvedic health principles, Earth Tu Face combine pure salt from the Dead Sea with botanical extracts of basil and bergamot and hints of citrus, infusing this exfoliating scrub with a light herbal scent that uplifts the mood and revitalises the body. Designed to stimulate circulation of the lymphatic system whilst scrubbing away weakened skin cells, the oils included deeply moisturise. The outcome? Skin that is buffed, refreshed and reinvigorated.

Land By Land: Travel Candle

Using the finest ingredients, each candle created by Land By Land has been formulated in their New York based atelier where they carefully blend entirely natural fragrances into their wax based candles. The Rosemary candle possesses an evergreen scent and with its pure essential oils, contains several therapeutic benefits that help to clarify breathing whilst reducing nervous tension and fatigue. Moreover, rosemary is said to have an effect on the memory, stimulating the conscious mind and lifting our emotional spirit.

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