Full Moon Reading: The Libra Moon


With the onset of this month's full moon, we enlisted psychological astrologer Danielle Beinstein to fill us in on what to expect...

Libra is other-oriented, seeking partnership in all it does. This Full Moon, otherwise known as the Pink Moon, is conjunct expansive Jupiter, opposite the Sun and rebellious Uranus in go getter Aries, and square transformative Pluto in Capricorn. In other words, this one packs a punch. We’ll likely be shaken by something. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It could be the very thing we’ve been waiting for. The key is not to prejudge it. This is a moment, for sure, but it’s not the end of the story.

Full Moons are notorious for bringing emotions to the forefront. This one is no exception. Since 2012, Uranus and Pluto have been squaring off, wreaking havoc for many. It’s been separating since 2015, giving us some room to integrate the changes. Still, we may be reminded of these themes, especially with four planets now retrograde: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn.

Retrogrades get a bad wrap, but the truth is they’re often magical portals. Life is not a straight line; the universe has its own time table. It’s about allowing things to play out, to run their own course. In our hyperactive culture, we’ve lost a bit of patience, but the beauty of life is in its unfolding, being awake enough to explore the mystery as it unfolds. Retrogrades can find us running into or hearing from past lovers, co-workers, friends or revisiting unfinished business.

Aries/Libra is the me-we axis. It’s the dance between asserting our own needs and balancing them with another. Partnership will be a theme. The dam could break open on a relationship or a seemingly fated encounter could tip the scales, redirecting us. This is electric, disruptive energy. Libra is known for its accommodating nature, its gracious insistence on pleasing, on recognizing another’s needs. But we bend too much in that direction and we find we’ve left ourselves behind. We focus too much on our own needs and we find we’ve been in a relationship all by ourselves. It’s the negotiation of the two, the interdependence and ability to navigate it together that gets us where we want and need to go. It’s not always easy, but then again the meaningful things never are. What are relationships but never ending conversations? Even with ourselves.

Full Moons are excellent times for journaling, for writing and releasing pent up emotion. I find if I take a stack of paper and just start writing, not thinking but writing, the energy just flows out. Often it’s not even legible; it’s the moving of the pen that matters. After 20, 30 or 40 minutes I find I’ve let go of something at which point I burn it. I don’t reread it. I just rip it up and let it dissolve. Restorative yoga or a long, meditative walk can also be very helpful during periods of heightened energy.

Whatever transpires (even if it’s minimal), tune in. Listen to that still inner voice under all of the noise. It knows. It always knows. We just have to pay attention to it.

Words by Danielle Beinstein
Image by Jaclyn Lisa