CONNECT: Matthew Kenney, Founder of Plant Food and Wine

Pioneer of the growing global plant-based movement, Matthew Kenney is a chef, entrepreneur, author and founder of Plantlab - a California-based integrated lifestyle company crafting the future of food through their offering of cutting-edge plant-based services and products.

Operating multiple plant-based restaurants throughout the US, one in Bahrain and soon to be London, with the inception of their first UK based location set to open it's doors in late Spring 2017, the company's endeavour to shift the future of food to one that is plant-based is becoming a burgeoning reality. In anticipation of our event at Plant Food + Wine, Venice next month, we caught up with Matthew to discuss his inspirations and the benefits of following a plant-based diet. 

What initially inspired you to follow a plant based diet?

It was yoga that first led me to the benefits of a plant-based diet, and a friend introduced me to the raw vegan diet around the same time. I made the decision to adopt it and the results, for myself and for the world in general, were so obvious that it was an easy transition.

Where do you find new inspirations for recipes?

Inspiration can come from a variety of places, whether it be a dining experience, impeccable ingredients, travel and nature.  I've traveled extensively and was always a follower of everything going on in the culinary world, so most recipes are created from a vast memory glossary.  

What is the biggest benefit of following a plant based diet in your eyes?

The first thing one will notice is a sense of lightness and clarity as well as overall improved health.  Energy becomes more abundant, illness is infrequent if ever, and your palate adjusts to the subtleties of plants.  Of course, there are major benefits for the environment and sentient beings as well.  Overall, we all benefit collectively.  

Where do you see the food and health industry in the next 5 years?

I believe the food paradigm is quickly shifting to the point where plant-based will soon be the norm.  

To find out more about Matthew Kenney and Plantlab, visit their website here

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