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"It is more Important to be of pure intention than of perfect action.”  – Ilyas Kassam 

The concept of intention is one that is not without its naysayers, those who believe that actions always speak louder than words. However, what often becomes evident along ones path to succeeding a particular goal or outcome is that a ‘perfect action’ is not in fact where true success arises.

True success begins to bloom when we make a conscious decision to change or act for the better, an inner self-agreement that ignites the flame of action and strengthens and grows as we follow through with the intentions we have set. With the new year well underway, it is all too common for unrealistic resolutions set back in 2016 to start to fall under the wayside, if this is the case for you, perhaps it’s time to revaluate the intention behind your resolution and take an alternative approach following the steps below.

What is intention?

Intention in its simplest form is an aim or plan set out in order to achieve a desired outcome. To inspire a shift in our psyche, a change in our thinking is required. The easiest way to practise this is by manifesting a certain emotion, feeling or mental state you believe you would possess when you reach your goal. Accepting and acknowledging where you are now is important - but consciously choosing to live, act and think as you would when your achieve the success you are after is key. 

How do I create one?

Begin by writing down a list of goals you would like to achieve. Next to each goal describe what you would need to do in order to achieve that goal. For example, if your goal is to become a yoga teacher, instead of simply stating why you wish to achieve this goal, focus on how you will do so and what will be required both physically and mentally to get to where you want to be.

Beginning your practice

Whilst intentions in the grander scheme of things are important, daily intentions are the building blocks, helping to strengthen your practise and equipping you with the tools to achieve larger goals. To help get you started, we’ve created a simple practise to help acquaint you with the practise of intention. Each morning this week write out your intentions for the day upon waking, followed by answers to these 3 questions:

How do I intend to use my energy today?

This refers to how you decide to use both your physical and mental energy throughout the day. Using up our mental energy on negative thoughts about others and ourselves drains us of the energy required to focus on what really matters. Keep this in mind and notice if you slip up, calmly acknowledging what prompted a negative shift in your perception before gently bringing yourself back to a place of good intention and positive productivity.

How do I intend to nourish my body today?

Deep down we all know the foods that truly nourish our bodies and the foods that do not, likewise with the types of exercise (or lack thereof) we choose to do. Reminding ourselves of our intention each time we find ourselves in a negative mind-set around food and/or exercise can bring us back to a place of balance, enabling us to make better choices throughout the day. 

Who do I intend to associate with today?

Do you find yourself spending the majority of your day surrounded by positive people who encourage and inspire you? Or do you find most people within your life have a negative affect on your state of being? The first step is to eliminate any removable negativity. When doing so is not an option, choose to approach any negative relationships with compassion, addressing any unresolved issues and making conscious actions to either phase out slowly or strengthen bonds if doing so is not possible.

Whatever your intentions are for 2018, start slowly and flow with love…

Wishing you all the health and happiness for the year ahead,
Natalie & Marie xo


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