A few of our favourite things

Christmas is a beautiful time of wonderment but at the same time can bring about a whole lot of waste. One big element of this is gifting in multitude and just because, instead of with intention, conscious decision and sustainability in mind. You'll find we're written some ideas read below.

For the Nature Lover

Earth Tu Face Honey + Coconut Mask – with healing raw honey, virgin coconut, rose and lavender petals, this is the scent of a reminiscent Summer straight from the greenhouse. £42

For the Moon Child

Aevi x Whys LA Moon Journal Your Mind and the Moon – created to guide your thoughts into writing alongside the moon’s position and power. £28

For the Beauty Seeker

RMS Beauty Living and Magic Luminizers – pearl and golden shimmering tones to give you a year-round shimmer and glow. £30

For the Heart Giver

Moksha Wishlet Bracelets – secure strong bonds of love and protection by sharing a symbolic blessing with a loved one. 2 for £50

For the City Wanderer

Earth Tu Face Skin Stick – an all purpose herbal balm which has been medicinally formulated for skin healing, moisture and protection. £30



Mauli Healing Himalayan Bath Salts – with himalayan salt containing 84 trace minerals and a blend of 13 therapeutic oils for a bath-time to bring healing and calm to an overstimulated self. £26

For the Modern Man

Our Men's Pouch – featuring SA.AL & Co Light Moisturiser, Gaffer & Child Hair Pomade and Daneson's Birch Whiskey Toothpicks. £49

For the Chocolate Maker

ZenBunni's Biodynamic and Sustainable Chocolate – in all forms! If you must choose, the Rainbow Box gives you an assortment of nine different flavours and a clear quartz crystal. £28


Inner Compass Cards – a ritual practice to guide your thoughts, dive deeper and listen to your heart as it guides you into the next year. £38

For the Loved One

This year we're making Custom Boxes for both Him and Her. Contact us for details, we would love to create with you! £60 – £195

So, here's to a year more committed to gifts that are given with thought and gratitude for the abundance of the love which surround us.

Enjoy! xo