Make: Homemade Seed Crackers

Make: HOMEMADE SEED Crackers

- 2 dl chia seeds
- 2 dl pumpkin seeds
- 1 dl flax seeds
- 1 dl sunflower seeds
- 1/2 dl hulled hemp seeds
- Himalayan salt or pure sea salt


+ Preheat the oven to 200 degrees celsius using on the fan only setting – this helps to dry out the crackers rather than to burn them.

+ Measure out the chia seed and cover them generously with water, approx. 4dl. Leave to soak for 15 minutes until it forms a sticky gel, stirring a little every now and then and adding water if necessary.

+ Then, in a bowl mix together the chia, pumpkin, sunflower and hemp seeds and adding a few good pinches of your choice of salt. We recommend rose salt for a slightly floral taste but if you would rather keep it simple, use a pure sea salt or Himalayan.

+ Spread out the seeds mixture in one big piece on a baking tray with some unbleached parchment paper, leaving it about 1/2 cm thick.

+ Place in the oven for about 35-45 mins keeping a watchful eye on it in the end. You may need to turn it if you don't feel the bottom is getting as crispy as you like it. 

+ When it’s crisp, take it out and let if rest for 5 minutes before cracking it in large chunks to then be ready to box up and take with you wherever you go..

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