Healing with Flower Essences


You may be a rehearsed remedy taker but for those of you who aren’t, flower essences are a natural and powerful way to help you heal on many different emotional levels.

To give you a brief history, Dr Bach (1886 - 1936) was a researching doctor in London when he came to discover flower remedies with his theory that they could help harmonise the emotional imbalances that were often the root cause of many physical illnesses. Today in his full works collection he  has 38 flower remedies,each embodying the positive and balancing force for a negative emotional state. Dr Bach positioned the healing properties in philosophical terms suggesting that illness was simply a sign from our inner being calling for a change in our way of living and our mental outlook. The purpose then of the remedies is  to bring us back to our natural state in which we may experience life with joy, health and harmony.

For me, emotional wellbeing speaks loudly throughout my body and skin. Since I was a young girl you could see on the surface of my hands when I was suffering from anxiety or stress. My mother began treating me with flower essences then and ever since they have played a very big part in my life. Below I am going to briefly tell you about my favorite three remedies that I often carry with me, some for daily use and others in case of an emergency.


For the fears you are experiencing but you don’t know why, Aspen will help calm the anxiety that comes with the anticipation of something frightening or unpleasant that may happen in the future as well as a more severe reaction to something in the present. Good for night terrors when you’re lying awake and afraid of something but you don’t know what it is. If you can name the fear, move onto trying Mimulus.


For when it feels like a struggle to look forward to good days ahead. Whether it’s a loss you’re living in the past, a love you keep reliving the memory of, or you’re simply nostalgic or homesick, honeysuckle helps us recall and learn from our  past experiences without needing to relive them over and over again, helping us to gaze forward to joyful days to come.

Wild Oat

For when you want to find  fulfillment in life but not sure exactly what that means for you. It can feel frustrating because you’re ambitious and want to experience what you feel is meant for  you, and until you find that you certainly feel the delay. Wild oat will help you get back in touch with your sense of purpose and make your path ahead a little clearer so that you may see or choose a goal (whether it is an occupation, direction or other agenda) with some more certainty than before.

How to Use: You must be trusting of your instinct and intuition when choosing essences and the process will be a unique and individual challenge for all of us. You will likely take two drops of each selected remedy (up to five can be taken in combination at once) either in a glass of water or straight on the tongue.  Be mindful and aware of your changes and respond kindly to your body.

If you have never tried flower essences on this link you will find a system of choosing the right one(s) for you, or if you prefer you can simply look through a list in which case you must think about the person you are, how you are feeling and choose honestly! Flower remedies provide an endless foundation for emotional and physical support, start here but know there are many depths to seek and I'll be here to guide you through them - if you have questions, comment below.


BodyNatalie Viklund