Make: Cacao & Coconut Oat Bites


Sweden is very dedicated to what we call Jul Godis – a tradition of homemade sweets made in time for Christmas. We posted a shot of one of the many batches we have made in the past few months and well because you asked, here is the recipe our favorite (healthy) handmade sweets this season..


Makes approx. 20 small bites, takes only 20 minutes

1 dl coconut sugar
3 dl oats
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar, or vanilla powder
2 tablespoons cacao powder
1 dl coconut oil (room temperature, not too soft)
2 tablespoons coffee (preferably cold)
And shredded coconut to roll

Simply mix all of the ingredients above in a bowl. Take a small spoon and roll the ingredients in hand to make a small ball, then on a tray spread out the shredded coconut and roll them again until they are covered. If you feel the bites are too sticky, put the mixture in the fridge for ten minutes and/or wash your hands with cold water.

No baking necessary, just some intentional love and your bites will be dangerously good in only a very short time. Oh and just so you know, it won't bring you any bad luck if you just happen to keep making these all year round – Enjoy!


MakeNatalie Viklund