Roses 101

Since it’s another month of love and loveliness (and my birthday) we thought we would share with you the wonderful remedies that roses provide, prescribed as a part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years.


Rose Oil may be used all over your body for a more radiant complexion. It is given to treat dry skin and improve circulation, but also has many beautifying characteristics as it helps to remove dark spots and increase pore stability.

Using rosebuds as a part of your steaming routine is also said to be extremely beautifying as it reduces the appearance of stress in your skin and leaves you feeling glowing, soft and smooth. Simply boil a pot of water with a handful of organic rosebuds in it, place a towel over your head and inhale the steam for about fifteen minutes.


This tea is also known as “the lady’s tea” due to its healing properties of balancing PMS and reducing menstrual cramps. Additionally, it is said to help reduce breast tenderness during those times of the month and stabilize our emotional state of mind to lower the risk of depression.

To make: Take 2 tablespoons of organic, dried rosebuds. Let soak in boiling water for about twenty minutes and then add some organic and raw honey to sweeten.


Did you know roses naturally have caffeine? Well, they do! Less than coffee, a cup of tea contains around 30 to 60mg. A natural stimulation, it gives our bodies and minds a lift by stimulating the nerve system and also increasing our metabolism. This is a much more gentle way to pick up your system than coffee due to it’s calming aromatic properties, no shakes!


To list a few rose has properties to boost our immune system and protects the body from free-radical damage – what we know today as cancer causing cells. It provides many antioxidants as well as vitamins A, B, D, E and K. It heals wounds, reduces pain and maintains health of many vital organs in the body. 

All in all, roses carry a beautiful message of serenity. The truth is, when we begin to eliminate stress out of our mind and bodies we not only feel much better but we function better too. It’s easy now to understand why Chinese Medicine was so passionate about associating the sight and smell of roses with love, beauty and wellbeing. We encourage you to try it and let us know how it makes you feel.. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, maybe share some with a friend too..


Natalie Viklund