A Spring Letter

London is truly a sweet city for Spring. Beautiful trees blossom taupe to pink and even though it may still be a little cold, we begin to change our cashmere to silk and linen as we greet the crisp air with a whole new touch.

This season is nature’s awakening and with it, we are called to bloom alongside it. Spring wellness is then about opening up after a long, dark winter and welcoming even the smallest of joys.

To us, spring is all about favouring simple and natural living, enjoying a seasonal menu of springtime delights - think sweet rhubarb roasted with local honey and cinnamon, watercress as garnish, spring greens as an accompaniment to just about anything and lots of purple sprouting broccoli, packed full of vitamin C to help our immune systems grow accustomed to the seasonal change. 

Posing the opportunity to mix up your yoga practice, spring is a wonderful time to engage in detoxifying styles of yoga and postures, designed to 'spring clean' your body and mind of what no longer serves you, making space for that which will.

Most importantly, spring is a time for new beginnings, and with this, a new and uplifted internal dialogue. The bearer of all wellbeing; spiritual, emotional and physical - the beckoning of a new mindset is effortlessly supported by the lightness and warmth that the new season presents.

Happy, Sweet Spring.. xo

NotesNatalie Viklund