Some Thoughts on the Holiday Season

There's something odd about the holiday season with the contrast between all of the stress that surrounds us and the stillness that dwells inside. For me, it's important to be intentional during this time – intentional with the time you give to yourself but also to gift intentionally. I've put together a few points that I follow during this time of year to cure, connect and feel a kind of lovely in this low-light season.

From what has been to what is to come

When something is coming to an end the first thing I do is try to hold on to the last of its breaths, but then you realize you can't actually slow time and so instead I try to relive it. There are both smiles and struggles in the little notes, dates, comments and quotes I revisit every year in my calendars and writing journals. from revisiting notes, dates, comments and sometimes quotes when I've had a loss of my own words. Remembering and accepting where you have been is the most important step, for me, before you set your gaze heaven-bound and look forward to what is to come. This year I've read so many things, in fact I wrote more than usual, but then I also find the missing parts that fall between the lines and that's what I learn from the old and affirm something new: Let go, look for love but never loose yourself in the process.

Winter Tinctures

Vogel's Echinaforce for any cold and flu symptoms, Astragalus for stress relief and immunity boosting, Ginseng for overall energy, and Ginger Root for digestive support and anti-inflammatory purposes. Then there's Ashwagandha for reducing stress, improving brain function and many other vital things and Motherwort which heals the heart, mind and eases many hormonal imbalances – these two tinctures I take all year round. 

Pale Winter Skin

There are other ways than a false summer glow to breathe beauty into your pale winter skin. This is where a hydrating serum or a nutrient rich face oil come in and help to give you radiate a gentle light, my favorite being the Jiva-Apoha Sundara (Beauty) Oil with the highest quality reviving ingredients and a celestial aroma that warms you and everyone greeting you with kisses on the cheeks. In Winter I like to think about just as much as I'm leaving off as I'm putting on and something this is all I need but then at other times a soft rosy cheek tint and similar lip color feels the perfect way to be.

Thoughtful Gifting

For me, a great gift is one that is intentional but also a little bit beautiful and out of our ordinary, daily life. I love thinking up what to gift various people, it can be anything from a unique, heartwarming tea for someone who has had a stressful few months to a pair of cashmere socks that makes Sundays and sleeping all the more lovely. My favorite gift this year though is our Moon Journal but it's also about the wrapping – keep it simple, stylish and ever so slightly classic holiday, if you need help you can purchase it in our shop.

With my soul lifting and heart loving I'm heading to bed..
/ Natalie xo

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