The Yin / Yang of Winter Solstice

Photo by Unknown Artist.

Photo by Unknown Artist.

The Winter Solstice is upon us today. Occurring at 10:44GMT, the same time all around the world, the Sun will reach its most southerly position giving us the least amount of light in a day that we receive all year.


This is the day where the Yin energy (representing the female and the moon) on Earth is at its highest and strongest position (meaning the longest night) and Yang energy (the male and the sun) at its lowest (the shortest day). Tomorrow the Yin power will begin to fade, ever so slowly, and the newly active and charged Yang energy will emerge. The effect on us is or can be incredibly profound and instinctively most of us have probably been feeling very tired, the reason is this.. 


Our bodies are essentially calling us to catch the emerging Yang wave for it to carry us into the next season and light cycle. Let yourself meet the energy where it is, low-lying. Take a physical, emotional, spiritual break instead of going out last minute frantic shopping or drowning yourself with drinks in a busy pub – be tired, be lazy but most of all be ok with being tired and lazy! Now is so important for us to affirm our dreams and set our aspirations for the coming months, connecting them to the charge of the now recovered and revived Yang. Find your calm and tap into its rhythm, then as it rises so will you. ♡

The darkest days and the longest nights may be with us now and so we must rest. But lift your gaze heaven-bound and think forward with hope because as the sun ascends tomorrow, we are again witnessing the light returning in strength with the truth that it cannot and will never be overcome.

Rest Up Loved Ones

With references from Urban Monk.

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