How To Use: Aevi x Whys LA Moon Journal

Your Mind and The Moon

As the moon journeys through its many phases and weaves in closeness between the twelve zodiac signs, its effect on us is a subtle influence; beneath the surface, in our emotional life, thoughts, feelings and creativity.

As the light softens and the velvety darkness of drawn out autumn evenings befalls upon us, the time for reflection and contemplation becomes a nightly necessity. In this journal we invite you to welcome the stillness, free your mind in writing, breathe in the present and allow yourself to return and connect to a rooted source of self, in love and complete acceptance.

How to use:

1. Find a comfortable spot to sit and softly close your eyes. If you can, try and find a comfortable place underneath your windowsill, or even out in your garden in the light of the moon. Take a few long, gentle and calming breaths, slowly and deeply breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, filling your diaphragm with refreshing, life-giving air. Inhaling slowly and effortlessly, count idly to 5, hold for 3, and exhale for 7, letting your belly deflate and your chest soften. Repeat 5 times, peacefully and with ease.

2. After your breathing meditation, your mind should be centered and body calm, ready to begin your written practice for the evening. Holding the journal lightly in your hands, your eyes still shut, take a moment to channel your creative energy, taking note of the feelings, emotions and both physical and psychological sensations that present themselves through this time of stillness and introspection.  

3. Open the journal, taking a moment to cast your eyes upon the illustrations of the 12 full moons and the zodiac signs embellished on their surfaces. Taking another deep breath, turn the page to the first passage. Begin to read the passage with clarity and ease – breathing in the universal information that the moons graceful push and pull casts upon us in its monthly orbit.

4. Scan through the pages until you reach your star sign, reading the text slowly and with an open heart, pausing to take in and comprehend the words of wisdom. After you’ve read yours – take a moment to envision the areas in your life that apply to your zodiac description, taking note of those areas that could be improved, worked through or explored.

5. On the pages following, begin to map out the areas in your own life that you would like to strengthen, shift or evolve within, infusing your words with a sense of unconditional self-love, gratitude and kindness.

6. If you become stuck on areas to explore or tap into, we have included loving prompts, quotes, exercises and illustrations throughout, to help you tap into that deeper sense of creativity, healing and beautiful vulnerability.

7. For the Thought Journal to have the most positive effect on your life, mind and soul, schedule in a few moments per day to sit in stillness and reflect on your thoughts – meditating on the words and illustrations that grace the pages, taking inspiration for your own reflection and giving thanks to the moon, ending each day calm and contented – words expressed, mind at ease.

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