Introducing: Autumn Wellness 2016

In Autumn, the hues of the Earth soften and turn brown while the wind gently gathers for us a lightness of breath and the sense of a sacred space. Here, our minds meditate in the emptiness and our hearts rest a beat in the fading light, but all while the tides outside are gathering and it's up to us harness ourselves to the strength of the season and experience its transformational power.

The Autumn 2016 collection includes six wellness products sourced for their purity, potency and authentic purpose for these special months. All are available individually or as a full box experience, we invite you to read more below..

Jiva-Apoha: Sundara (Beauty) Face Oil

Brooklyn, NY

Jiva-Apoha is soul-healing. The ingredients are cruelty-free, organic or wildcrafted, Ayurvedic-minded and healthy for every aspect of you. The Sundara, meaning beautiful in Sanskrit, oil has a harmonious and humble character with organic grapeseed, jojoba and vitamin E oils as its base. It is deeply hydrating, fights the formation of lines and improves skin tone and texture. Pure essential oils of sandalwood and jasmine lift the spirit, lavender tones, delicate roman chamomile calms the senses as well as skin sensitivity and rose offers its many youthful benefits.

Virgin Raw Foods: Bee Panacea

Los Angeles, CA

A combination of all the components of organic bee products (raw honey, pollen, propolis, royal jelly) as well as twenty organic and wildcrafted superfoods, algae and herbs. Together these ingredients help to focus energy and elevate mood, boost immunity through its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties, and detoxify the mind and body, all while nourishing it with potent, natural food based rejuvenators. In the morning all you need is a small pinch on a spoon. You can also take a little extra in the day when you are feeling tired, at a low state of immunity, or just in need of an extra something in the afternoon.

Bamford: Geranium Hand and Body, Wash and Lotion

Cotswolds, England

Bamford’s philosophy is about nurturing the mind, body and spirit whilst connecting with England’s breathtaking nature. They use only the purest ingredients with the majority being locally sourced and certified organic.

Wash: Their delicate plant-based wash is formulated on replenishing aloe vera and a rich combination of antioxidants and vitamins. It has been made to gently and thoroughly cleanse with no sulphates or harsh detergents.

Lotion: The hydrating cream blends botanical butters and oils with honey to soften, protect and enrich the skin. For all skin types, it is based on jojoba, shea butter and almond oil which uniquely help to hydrate. As it sinks effortlessly into your skin notes of lavender, peppermint and geranium uplift your mood and promote inner harmony.

RMS Beauty: Luminizer Nail Polish

New York, NY

Dedicated to transforming the way women use makeup their recent release of nail polishes are formulated without harmful chemicals and their 6-free formula is also cruelty-free and vegan. The Luminizer colour gives your nails a light reflective, luminous glow which is the perfect choice for uplifting your daily look or helping you to shine a little more brightly on an evening out.

Aevi x Whys LA: Moon Journal

London, England x Los Angeles, LA

As the moon journeys through its many phases and weaves in closeness between the twelve zodiac signs, its effect on us is a subtle influence; beneath the surface, in our emotional life, thoughts, feelings and creativity. In this journal we invite you  to welcome the stillness, free your mind in writing, breathe in the present and allow yourself to return and connect to a rooted source of self, in love and complete acceptance.

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