Found: 26 Grains

As autumn falls and the natural need for warmth, comfort and cosiness becomes a daily desire, the changing of the seasons is the perfect time to indulge in wholesome, nourishing, seasonal foods to warm us up from the inside out. Dishing up delectable grain-based bowls of both sweet and savoury varieties, London based eatery 26 Grains has been helping us make the transition to the autumn months an effortless and enjoyable one.

The brainchild of London native Alex Hely-Hutchinson, the idea for 26 Grains came about after a yearlong stint in Copenhagen where she was exposed to the Scandinavian style of eating, cooking and living. Revelling in the simplicity and deliciousness of traditional Danish dishes that favour simple yet interesting food combinations, freshness, seasonality and the liberal use of herbs and spices, it was here that Alex was also introduced to the fundamental Scandinavian concept of hygge – a slow way of living based on enjoying life’s simple pleasures: good food, good company and cosiness. 

Upon her return to London, Alex was inspired to bring back a slice (or should we say bowl) of the Danish way of life. With her newfound knowledge, passion for Scandinavian style cooking and implementation of hygge into her own lifestyle, Alex embarked on a mission to share her discoveries through one of the utmost fundamental components of the Scandinavian lifestyle - nourishing, healthy, simple food.  

With a menu inspired by Scandinavian cooking traditions and spices, 26 Grains is home to a seasonal-sensible menu of healthy and wholesome delights. Based on whole-grains, spices and fresh ingredients, the vibrant bowls of goodness are as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious. We’ve been enjoying ours alongside one of their creamy Turmeric Almond or Matcha Latte’s – the perfect any-time fuel. 

Read on for our favourite must-try skin-food selections…



Subtly spicy with just the right amount of sweetness, this current autumnal Aevi favourite has been keeping both our hands and bellies toasty this autumn. With its wide-ranging health benefits, when in need of a warming drink, turmeric latte's makes a great replacement for your regular coffee based variety and is just as delicious – we promise! Full of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and detoxifying properties, studies on turmeric intake additionally show its potential for improving cognitive function, blood sugar balance, kidney function and digestion.


With a base of oats, a super skin-food containing specific compounds that reduce inflammation, this bowl of plant-based goodness is cooked in creamy almond milk and almond butter - both full of skin-healing vitamin E and monounsaturated healthy fats to deeply nourish and restore the skin from within. The delicious and seasonal inclusion of apples helps to boost vitamin C intake, a crucial component in the production of anti-ageing collagen and the most perfect companion for the antioxidant rich and delicious blackberry compote accompaniment.

This autumn, take a leaf out of the Scandinavian way of life and take a trip to 26 Grains. Or for an even cosier experience, get your hands on the 26 Grains cookbook (Square peg, £20) to bring endless bowls of hygge into your own home.


FoundNatalie Viklund