(a-vee): Meaning life in an Old Norse language.

For us, that means living a balanced and positively beautiful life.

Aevi Journal

The aevi Journal is an online editorial revealing all elements of the aevi lifestyle through in-depth articles, inspired interviews, healthy recipes and wellbeing tutorials. Curated by founders Natalie and Marie, the aevi Journal has been designed with the intention of empowering, educating and inspiring women to embrace their individual beauty through self-love and ritual. 

aevi shop

The aevi online store takes the guesswork out of purchasing natural and organic wellbeing products by providing a hand-picked selection that we personally use and love. With key values at the heart of all that we do, we support a strong community of artisan brands who through their work in the natural beauty and the wellbeing space, share in our philosophy of whole-self wellness. 

"natural beauty is about much more than just skincare. It’s about embracing a lifestyle rooted in self-love and care to enliven your most beautiful you; mind, body, skin and soul. From the food you eat, the way you move your body, the self-care practices you INCORPORATE INTO YOUR DAY and the thoughts you think, natural beauty is a dedication to loving and nourishing your body, one ritual at a time."

- Natalie and Marie xo


Born in the very northern part of Germany, I grew up surrounded by clean ocean air, home grown organic food and a deep connection to nature, my four sisters and parents. Early on, I learnt the importance of self-awareness and started practicing yoga at the age of 13. After qualifying as a Power Vinyasa Flow teacher under Erin Prichas in 2013 and Stewart Gilchrist in 2017, expanding my knowledge by exploring many diverse yoga practices throughout the years. My yoga teacher training ignited my ever-growing passion for health and wellness and was the catalyst for my shift in life direction that saw me transfer from business studies and the prospect of a professional horse-riding career to studying holistic health and dedicating my life to a path of self-love and care.

Natalie Viklund 

Raised with a lot of heart and handfuls of greens – I grew up with the Swedish wilderness under my feet and my grandfather’s kitchen garden in arms reach to keep me nourished despite all of my allergies. With skin reactions to a long list of unknown substances, some days it took a lot of strength for me to feel naturally beautiful, so it was at this time that I came to learn the importance of self-care and self-love. I was in Los Angeles studying at Pepperdine University and living alongside the emerging health movement when I felt a path being created before me. A few years later, I took up a new path of study - Kinesiology, and co-founded Aevi with Marie.